Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Taking a break

It has been a very hectic three - four months.

My diagnosis in October last year led to a frenzy of living and I have loved every moment of it.  In between my treatments I have been determined to live the most active, normal life that I can and have succeeded.

Frustratingly, the week of each treatment has been getting more and more difficult - with the last treatment leaving in bed for six days.  I mostly sleep, watch a little TV, sleep, read - a little, sleep and sleep. 

After a very emotional week last week, my levels of fatigue and emotional exhaustion hit a low as I arrived at the Infusion clinic yesterday.  My lovely nurse Lauren, was not happy with the fact that I was so tired each session and contacted my oncologist - he told me to go home and have a rest week. I was so grateful and then so guilty - for failing, for being such a baby, for not just sucking it up.

If my blood tests had come back low or there had been a reason for the delay it would have been okay - but I immediately judged myself and began the internal yelling. Then I caught myself - it was okay not to be strong, to need just a little rest time, to take a week off and then come back prepared to complete the treatment.  It was okay to need help.

So after a few tears and a couple of hugs from my great team - Elizabeth and I left the hospital and headed off to a movie instead.  Now that was a great way to spend the morning.  This week is a week of rest - I am going to watch TV, do some reading, maybe even some writing and just have a good week.

Here is a photo of my team of Angels - my oncology nurses Nicole and Lauren - thank you to them both for their care their love and their support. 

Nicole, Me, Lauren at St Andrew's Hospital - Infusion Centre

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Red said...

A good break should do you a world of good. Becoming very fatigued can't do you much good. have a good week.