Monday, February 3, 2014

When you stop talking - God answers your prayers?

Do you know that when you stop and listen to God - he answers your prayers?

Life has been really hard for the past few weeks - I have been so busy trying to fix everything, so busy praying for answers, so busy rushing around demanding that I function and be strong.

Then two days ago I realised that I need to stop - just stop. I got scared and I got tired and I gave up. I guess God was patientl...y waiting for me. He always is. I was just very busy doing his job for him, and not doing a very good one at that.

So when I listened he answered my prayers. I have a road ahead, but feel peaceful that I will have the strength to walk it. I don't know where we are heading but I am feeling that somehow, someway I will take each day and be guided.

Thank you to my family, to my friends - for your love, your support and your understanding. You inspire me with your love. Thank You.
This is a copy of a post that I placed on Facebook tonight - I cannot write the words and thoughts in any other way - so thought I would just share it here as well.

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Davine said...

Just put the Universe in charge and you have a rest Beverly. xxx