Sunday, April 29, 2012

Three Days; 16+ hours & 56 000+ words

Today I finished my second re-write of book one of my series.

I am really tired, but have not only added another 6000 words to the original draft, but have strengthened the story and background. Am much happier with this draft.

It is now in the hands of my editor - my darling Elizabeth, who has been my help and inpiration from day one.

I am in the process of working on a 'Hook' - the words that will be on all my advertising material - i.e. Bookmarks, posters, etc.  It is such an exciting feeling.

Now I have to find the words, to write the Blurb which will appear on the back and also my Author's info. I am finding it difficult to know what to put into this. 


Mom said...

My name is Beverly and I have lived a varied life in three different countries, on each occassion delving into the different cultures. My passion has been for Fantasy Stories.etc etc etc etc

My Mother thinks I am wonderful !! Ok now over to you.

Beverly said...

Thanks Mom

Mark Tullett said...

Take a breath Beverly and let it flow- it'll come to you. After so many words already these important few will pour forth and feel write/right too.

Michelle said...

YAY, Beverly! I am really looking forward to reading the 'new' version of book 1 ... congratulations on a superb effort!