Friday, April 13, 2012


Hi everyone,

Vesta has been on strike and neglected.  Reasons - hmm - not sure!

Have enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend - blog and (almost) Facebook Free and away from the pressures of writing, but I must admit have struggled with inspiration. Also, I guess, I am not sure who is reading of if anyone is even interested anymore.

But . . . here is an update.

The Creators is finished - ready to be sent off the the Publishers next week - doubts and concerns have rushed in, but am still going to send it off.

Life has been busy with children over the holidays and I am been adicted to the entire series of The West Wing - Ivan and I finally finished Season 7 last night - that is all 154 episodes. Just wonderful.

Other than that life is good - will try and get back into the swing of things and writing regularly - so stayed tuned or tune in again.


Mom said...

Well there you go, so glad to have you back, I can honestly tell you that at least 3 times a day I look to see what you have written and have really felt all alone without you posting a blog, the other folk will laugh with that comment especially from me as I actually am only 52 steps away from seeing you, but somehow the blog is special, so please please do keep up the good work, maybe I should think about doing something myself, oh well who knows, at the age of almost 69 I can't believe how busy my life has been but that is really a good sign.

Ian Weatherburn said...

Well you know we read your blog whenever you post, but I understand completely about finding the blog, photo's etc etc have died a lame death.
Anyway, good to see you back here. CONGRATULATIONS on getting your book to the publisher!!! That's a great achievement which you should be very proud of.
(and yes Mom, you should really write as well [Ed: look who's talking])

Julie said...

Well, I always read the blog too...although I have to say I have been somewhat jealous of your ability to have the discipline to post so it is great to see you are as human as the rest of us!! :) I have about 6 blogs living inside my head and I think i have rewritten them a dozen times...I know it is time to really sit down and get back to it too. Oh, and serious congratulaitons on getting the book ready. It is going to be awesome! Don't feel bad about missing a week or two on the blog either - life is alla bout balance after all!

Angel Julie said...

Hi Beverly! My ritual each morning is to get up, get my cup of tea and read blogs and yours is always top of my list! Glad your back! Plus, writing comments on your blog page is SO much more in the now then remembering to email later with comments! Why has it taken me so long! LOL!

Mark Tullett said...

Like all those above, Beverly I too check out your blog site most days, Glad you're back, and heaps of luck with the book. Let me know when the deal is done and I'll be ordering! And happy to promote up here too.

Beverly said...

Thank you all for the beautiful comments and inspiration. I am back and will keep posting.