Friday, April 20, 2012


Today my amazing parents celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary. Elizabeth and I had the joy of spending the morning with them in Toowoomba and had the most delicious lunch at a restaurant called the Cube Hotel.

They do this amazing steak, that is brought to you raw on a 400 degree Hot Rock Grill and you cook it yourself - just the way you like it. Elizabeth who has been struggling with meat in recent months, devoured her rump steak in a matter of minutes and then we indulged in a Cold Stone dessert. Ice-cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, chocolates and other yummy dishes. It was divine.

This post however, is about two very special people - My Mum and Dad - Brian and Dorothy.

Forty-nine years together isn't about all the things you have done, places you have lived, dramas you have survived, fights you have had . . . It is about the sharing of dreams, and living them. Sharing of sorrows and helping each other every day. It is about the love and example you give to your children and the world around you.  It is about caring and kindness. But most of all it is about each other.

 Mom and Dad are wonderful, At nearly 73 and 68 . . .  they have more enthusiasm for life and energy than most teenagers. I find them inspiring and wonderful. Although I have learnt all the lessons and heard all the stories, to sit back and hear them again as they tell them to my children now . . . is the greatest gift in my life.

So to you both, I love you.  I thank you for my life and I wish you both many more years together.  Next year is the big 50 and we will celebrate in style.

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darlin said...

Wow, this is so inspiring and shows me that true love really does exist. Congratulations once again to your Mum and Dad!

I love the concept of cooking your own steak on hot rocks, that's definitely something unique.