Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day out in Nature

Ivan and I enjoyed a wonderful morning out in nature today.  Here are some of the great photos that I took.

Boardwalk through the trees

A few relaxing photos in the sunshine

 Ivan and I both decided we needed to hug a tree to reconnect to nature, and this was such a lovely tree.

 A perfect bench on the bend in the path, we had the whole reserve to ourselves, it was so peaceful and silent.
 This little overgrown pond was full of frogs, which although we couldn't see we could certainly hear.
 And lastly a couple of great tree photos, what a perfect morning followed by lunch together - Aaah!


Mark Tullett said...

What a beautiful space to walk in. And great photos.

Beverly said...

Thanks Mark.

Mom said...

Now you have made me jealous, so glad that you have taken some R & R time with Ivan, you both deserve it and need it. We need to find out exactly how you got there as we have the brochures but have never ventured out. The photos are beautiful and you know I am a tree person.

darlin said...

Beverly you're sure looking awesome! I love the tree hugging photos, what fun and such an amazing way to spend some time.

Have a wonderful week!

Right now as it sits everything is so up in the air with my practicum hours, I still have about 65 to complete, not enough to start something too serious, but enough that I need to get them done. The uni isn't helping matters much, they sent me on one interview without checking with me if I have an Australian police clearance, which I don't. I haven't been in this amazing country long enough to do anything illegal! lol I'll keep you posted as to when I can make plans to travel and hopefully it's going to happen soon.