Saturday, April 21, 2012

Internet Friends

I am blessed. A couple of years ago I connected with a random stranger on Blogger.  Her blog intrigued me - she had decided to take a photo a day for 365 days. Now I had tried this a couple of times and after about 60 days I bombed out each time.  But ... here was an amazing person who was keeping her commitment. 

Darlene lived on the other side of the world in Canada and through the 'eye' of her camera I started to follow her world.  We began chatting via comments and then on FB.  Darlene at the beginning of this year had the courage to follow a dream and applied for a placement in Australia to study for a few months - her application succeeded and she has been in Adelaide and the Centre of Australia for a few months.  Her beautiful photography and messages about my country have been inspirational and each day I happily click on her blog (see Blogs I follow on the right side of my page)   to share her days.

This morning I received a blessed gift - Darlene is coming to visit - she will be with Me in Brisbane for a few days in May - I cannot wait. I will be able to give this wonderful person a hug, and share some time with her in person.

Thank you technology, what a wonderful world we live in. Follow in May and you will see us together, sharing a photo a day together.

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darlin said...

Awww, thank you Beverly... I'm totally looking forward to our visit and you bet I'll be blogging our way through it all! :-)