Saturday, April 28, 2012

Feeling proud of a child

A few days ago I posted a few words about Matthew and the successful removal of his braces. I want to thank those who commented on their kind words. I realise I have repeated these photos, but just want to add a few words.

 Matthew is in his final year of school this year and last week received his Year 12 Senior Jersey. It is quite appropriate as he is in Year 12 in 2012.  This is a special souvenier that the kids get to keep as a reminder of their years at West Moreton Anglican College.
Looking cool Matthew
 Now the other impressive thing about my young man is his intellect.  I have heard many parents boast about 'how smart their kid is' and I have done the same on many occasions with all three of my own children.  These photos are a special kind of example of one of Matthew's special gifts.

Matthew has always been good at Mathematics and logic puzzles. He is also the most determined person I know - teaching himself so many things (card tricks, jugging, and many other things from the internet).
 Last week at work his boss (he works at a Newsagency - see the smart shirt) showed Matthew a new puzzle that has been released. It was awarded a game of the year award.  It is a black tube that fits inside the coloured sleeve and you have to figure out the maze to get it off.  Now it comes already locked on.  Chris had told Matthew that he had spent a few hours fiddling with it on and off and had not succeeded.  Matthew was challenged and bought himself a puzzle.

The maze inside, which you cannot see until you figure it out blind the first time.
 During his lunch break - he began the challenge and 20 minutes later, he walked out to Chris, to show him that he had succeeded - Chris couldn't believe it.  Over this last week - Matthew has memorised the path in his head and can now achieve the orange puzzle in under 10 seconds.
Just to challenge himself even further, he today bought the yellow puzzle, when he discovered it had a different maze - it took him about 7 minutes to do it the first time and now he can do it in less than a minute.

Matthew you are 'A-maz-ing' - your gift and talent to be able to do these sort of things astounds me. I am so proud of you my love.


Mom/Granny said...

Wow fantastiac Matthew, now we are more than certain that when we need help with the computer, video recorder, DVD records, mobile phones etc etc we certainly know he is
"A - maz - ing" So glad you post these on your blog Beverly, we like yourselves are very proud of this incredible young man.

darlin said...

Wow, now this is amazing. I love the shirt as well and what a great year to graduate! Way to go Matthew, you're brilliant, I'd be working on that puzzle for days, if not weeks, actually I may even quit procrastinating on my homework just to get away from this puzzle! lol I hope you all have a wonderful week!