Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jailhouse Frog

Last night this lovely Green Tree Frog decided to jump on Matthew's back. He (Matt) got such a fright and the poor frog, wasn't much better. He then tried to escape, only to find refuge inside Cleo's outdoor cattery (luckily, she wasn't in it).

 I ran for my camera and managed to get these great photos of our 'prisoner'.  He stayed still for ages, before making his escape into the bushes.

 Earlier on in the evening, Sarah had been attempting to feed the Butcherbird by hand. She sat patiently on the ground encouraging these beautiful birds, with bits of meat.
 I managed to capture this beautiful photo of her watching the birds in the tree. So still and serene - what a Princess.
 The reason we were all outside, was that Mum and Dad had found this amazing 1 litre can of German Beer, for Dad and Ivan.
 It took two hands to lift the mug and Dad's face says it all.  What a lovely Autumn evening.


Mom said...

What a great evening we had with you and family. Dad thoroughly enjoyed the beer, although fell asleep in the chair, poor old man !!!!!. The frog photos are excellent, well done. Also of course our Sarah.

Mark Tullett said...

What a super little frog.
According to Animal dreaming a frog is a sign of cleansing: you are being encouraged to embrace your tears and to see them as a chance to rid yourself of emotional, physical and spiritual burden. Frog is reminding you to take time out for yourself, to shun negativity and fear and to release emotional baggage.
Our tears welcome fertility and growth back into our life, but when they are celebrated. To deny them, or to see them as signs of weakness, is to guarantee a drought that will forever hamper life and any chance of emotional healing. Where is no love, encouragement or support there is no chance of growth. Without rain, there is no life. Without tears there can be no healing.

Dorothy said...

Wow Mark what wonderful words.

Beverly said...

Hear, hear Mark - thank you for the powerful words.