Sunday, April 22, 2012

100% Tired

Matthew had a three day biology camp last week and had to work on Saturday morning; when he arrived home he had a shower and then fell asleep on the couch with Bella. I love these photos of a boy and his dog.

Even Abby was exhausted, falling asleep as well.

The click of the camera woke her, but she was so relaxed that she didn't move.
Aah it is a dog's life.


Mark Tullett said...

There's nothing I like more than cuddling up with my dogs. as I write this they and the cats are all asleep (as is Tony) in their favourite parts of the house and garden. Ah siesta time - so peaceful.

darlin said...

Beverly the photos are fantastic! I love the ones with Matthew and Bella, way to cute! Have a wonderful week... I'm starting to count down the days. ;-)