Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Home Grown

Is it ready yet? We have never grown a watermelon - so we didn't know when our delicious beauties would be ready.  Last night however, the possums, must have figured out that one of them was ready. This morning when I went down to water the vegetables - it was eaten through; so I immediately picked this one.  Sarah was over the moon.

 I cut it open and it was red and looked good.

 It was a little watery in my opinion, but Sarah demolished an entire half.

So we have successfully grown two watermelons, one for the possum and one for us.


Mark Tullett said...

What a fantastic crop- here things are just starting to grow. NO watermelons, but plenty of other goodies to sustain us in the summer- well add to the pot really.
Home grown food really is the best!! Congrats!

Michelle said...

Well Done! Fabulous looking watermelon, Beverly. I trust the possum enJOYed it as much as the kids did!!