Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm not average!

I don't like the idea that I have achieved an 'average' result.

Today I received my mark for my first 'writing' task at uni. I only achieved 13/20 which was the average result. The tutor advised that the marking system was extremely critical and she felt it was over harsh. Her comments to us 'off the record' were that she would have given us all at least one grade higher, but she had to stick to the course guidelines.

So here I sit digesting my '5' in writing and realise that I really don't like the course. It is not because of the grade (well not totally), but rather due to the fact that the 'Nazi writing police' have taken over. My blog post on 'Writer's block' wasn't bad, but there were numerous grammatical errors which I didn't pick up and probably wouldn't have, even if I had proof read it a hundred times. I am just not that particular.

Next task is another blog due on 12th April, I wonder if I will be able to improve or will this be the course that I just get a credit for and move on to the next one. I will certainly give it as much effort as I can, but will I give enough to satisfy the criteria.


Ian Weatherburn said...

Oh dear. I think you're being too harsh on yourself and if the marking was extremely critical then you did more than ok. I'm sure it's frustrating being constrained by rules (that's why I don't like camera clubs for instance) but I guess it's good to know the rules within which we should work before we begin to so flagrantly break them? :) Good luck!

darlin said...

Beverly hang in there, this could be a learning curve for you. I embrace what the "tough" instructors have to say and I allow myself to grow from it, not that I like it one bit but it's all a part of learning the way I view it. If I received 100's on all of my essays, well I wouldn't have to educate myself now would I?

I suggest that you don't be so hard on yourself, crazy making stuff... been there and done that way to often in my lifetime, now I've learned to let things go. I'm not perfect and I shall be a work in progress until I take my final breath! And today I'm okay with that.

All the best to you! I'd wish you luck but I don't believe in it.

Beverly said...

Darlene and Ian, thank you for your support.

I must admit that I am actually okay with the result, the good part of the marking is that my tutor provided 'fantastic' feedback; which I will learn from.

Beginning to work on Blog number 2 which is due on 12th April.

Am on mid-semester break for the next week, so have time to do some school work.