Wednesday, February 22, 2012

54 Years Working

Matthew - 18; Elizabeth - 22 & Sarah - 14

I am serving my notice after 54 years of hard work - it is a minimum of a 4 year notice period, but I have tendered my resignation and beginning the final 4 years of service in my 58-60 year working life.

Now many of you  may not have any idea what I am talking about, but today I figured out the following - I have been mothering my children for a total of 54 years.  Elizabeth for 22, Matthew for 18 and Sarah for 14.  Each of them has been a full-time job and I have dedicated all my love, time and energy to them, keeping only what I have left over for myself.  

It has been a wonderful job, the pay stinks; but the rewards have been amazing.  I have seen growth and development in all of them, and pay day may not have been in cold hard cash but smiles, hugs and words like 'I love you Mummy' are worth more than all the gold in the world.

So, why am I resigning?  Well I realised today, that unless I resign at some stage, my company (children) will stagnate. They cannot grow and take over their own leadership roles, while I remain working for them.

It is a long-term resignation as I have said - at least a 4 year programme, but today I start the process.  I need re-training, but I am looking so forward to retirement.

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Mark Tullett said...

I'm sure that you'll find a replacement interest without any problem. May your retirement be fruitful and oh so enjoyable.