Friday, February 3, 2012

Second Month of the year

2012 is flying by - we are already into February - could someone please tell me what happened to Janaury.

I guess when you take 2 weeks out of the month to go on holidays it certainly eats up time.

So where am I at?

I am not sure!

Our holiday in Disneyland was wonderful, although I think we are sort of Disney'd out - if that is possible - everyone agrees that we need a 2-3 year break before we return. But who doesn't enjoy an amazing holiday like this.

Mickey Morning Toontown madness
The planned treat of the holiday was to celebrate my birthday in Fiji - hmm well that one didn't quite work out at planned.  Rain, rain and more rain, flooding and river crossings in 4-wheel drives, dilapdated run-down hotels and bed-bug bites all added to the adventure, but not in quite the way I expected.

I did have my hair braided on my birthday, loved that - and also did dip my toes into the swimming pool at the hotel, but most of the time, we spent in the rooms playing cards and sharing fun with the kids.

Feeling fantastic!

View from our room of the flooded pool area

Flooded pools

A dip in the pool - taking advantage of one of the few breaks from the rain (not bad for 48 years old?)

More rain

More rain

I did however, manage to take some time to write in my journal and keep up with the trip.
The biggest frustrationn of the trip is that I didn't have my camera out, when we headed to a hotel near the airport the day before our departure.  High tide and the flooding had completely isolated Denarau Island where we were staying at the Sheraton and it was only at low-tide that we had a chance to get across. Thank goodness we took it, as a couple of days later the island was totally isolated. We crossed swollen rivers and chatted to locals on their balconies of the submerged homes.  A couple of young men shouting out to us "What leaving already?"  It was very sad to see the damage the flooding was causing to a country suffering already from poverty. 

I did realise however, that I am very resilient - I didn't flinch and dealt with the situation without any great anxiety - but the children, most especially Sarah were very unsettled.  I guess she has never experienced anything but 5 * Luxury in her life - something we should rectify - or maybe not.

So another installment to follow tomorrow:  Getting out of Fiji


Mom said...

It certainly was a shame for everyone with the rain in Fiji, not a pleasant experience. This January has been very wet and only 3 days with no rain in the gauge since 14th January 12. Yuk, I tried to do some scrapbooking this morning and all the photos are curling over with the humidity so that was the end of that.

darlin said...

I LOVE your hair done up in the braids Beverly, you look fantastic! And you bet you look good, I won't put on a two piece, no way. I was even looking for a cover up for the beach! I have the mid life sags going on, I don't like them, but I'm alive and thriving nonetheless. :-)

Sorry to hear that you experienced so much rain, but it's a good thing from the sounds of it that you got out when you did!

Take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hmmm I wonder what my hair would look like in braids, it's going to frizz down here. lol