Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mud, Sweat and Cheers!

Thursday we had our new environmental sewerage system installed - of course if you have read my previous blog you will know that it rained and since then it hasn't stopped.  So our once beautiful lush green garden has turned into a quagmire.

The Old Sewerage System and green grass

The new Sewerage system and mud and clay

What a Mess

 So on Saturday morning after a whole day of rain on Friday, we headed out to the shops to buy some plants.  In the seven years we have lived here, we have planted over 400 trees and plants 99% of which have been natives - this has attracted bird life and insect life and enriched the garden. But, colour and flowers have been low on the agenda. So we decided that this bed in front of the cottage would be a riot of colour.

 End of Day One we had a lovely bed - that looked half finished - grrrr!  So back to the nursery we went and bought another bunch of plants.

Sunday morning fresh planting.
 Another 10 plants completed the bed, although we had to leave out three of them because the ground where we wanted to plant them was too wet and sticky with clay.

 Instead of paying for a load of topsoil to dress and break-up the clay we began using the rich compost heap that we have been making for the past 7 years.  It looks fantastic and we have in just 2 days managed to turn Mum and Dad's building site into a beautiful garden bed and a place for the grass to regrow.

 At the end of a long day I was feeling tired, but still smiling.

 Our boots and my knees tell the story of the mess and the mud.

And this photo says it all - if you look at my face - I am spaced, tired and finished.  Thanks Mum, next time tell me to smile :)

Will post a new photo in a week or so, to show the progress and the flush of colour.

What a rewarding weekend - I love gardening.  I hate exercise for the sake of exercise, but love exercise when it is to achieve something like this.


Mom said...

A fantastic blog Beverly, both Dad and I can't thank you and Ivan enough for the beautiful display of plants that you have put in front of our cottage. It was very hard work for everyone but each day we will see a new leaf or a new flower instead of mud. However on saying that the Australian Miner was seen attacking the yellow Hibiscus and quite happily eating parts of the flower, needless to say he was soon chased away. Once again guys thank you both from the bottom of our hearts, it is now 1.56pm so I suppose a pie and a beer or wine will go down welll.

darlin said...

Wow Beverly you've outdone yourself once again. This is going to be stunning! I hear ya about exercising just to exercise, but when the exercise comes with rewards such as this, it's no longer exercise! Funny how that works eh? lol

Have a fantastic day, I don't know when I can get in touch again but I'll give it a shot from Ernabella, I'm buying wireless tomorrow, I might have to sell my youngest born to be able to afford it but... need my internet! ;-) The issue is that there isn't always reception but I shall be in touch one way or another, I'm thinking 6 weeks tops then I should be done my placement, if I can get a life to the airport then I can fly back to Adelaide. I'm going to be in Melbourne, or near there, sometime around May 4th until the 7th or so, then I'm stopping off at one other place, then I'll make sure to have some time to come and visit you. Where do I fly to again? Sorry, this heat has my brain turned to mush! You can email me if you'd like and we can take it from there, if you're not busy in May, if you are then maybe I'll have to stop off at the end of April or something... we'll figure out something I'm sure.

Cheers, now get some rest young lady!

Julie said...

Well you and Ivan are still the most glamourous Mud Fairies I know....lovely shot there at the last! Made Chelvan laugh out loud! Glad that progress is being made. We need to catch up on skype one of these days...:)