Monday, February 6, 2012

The Answer is Simple

I am doing Sonia Choquette's online course "The Answer is Simple" - it is a great course that looks at the simple things in life to reconnect you to your Spirit.  I am joining a friend to do the course and today I listened to the first lesson and practice - her message - BREATHE!

I realised that I have been holding mine for a while - when I get stressed, worried, angry, anxious, concerned or all those sort of things; the first thing I do is hold my breath, or breathe more shallowly. So I sat with my headphones in, listening to her and breathed - what JOY!

I could feel the stress flowing freely away.  Then I took a hot shower, lit a couple of candles, put a relaxation playlist on my Ipod and spent the evening writing.

It is now 9.23pm and time for me to sleep - I think I will tonight as I am feeling most relaxed.

So if you are feeling stressed or upset - Remember to Breathe, slowly, deeply and fill your soul with Spirit.


Michelle said...

Ahh ... such simple wisdom, Beverly, yet so profoundly helpful!

Thank goodness for Sonia and her online course!

[did you sleep well??]

Mom said...

What a lovely post Beverly, yes we know we have to breathe but we actually don't think about how we are breathing. I know that the breathing lessons learnt when Dad was so down have done wonders for him, and if I see him getting uptight I get him to sit quietly and think about his breathing. It sure works !!

Mom said...

Ok, now it is time for everyone to keep writing on Beverly's blog, she is not feeling very chirpy lately, so we all need to help her through this phase, everyone who follows her blog need to remind her that we all enjoy whatever she has written. Come on sweetheart, your words always cheer everyone up, so hopefully we can all inspire you again. Love Mom