Friday, February 24, 2012

Having Fun . . . When S**T happens!

Having fun - the end of a very long day. 

Yesterday we had to replace our Environmental Sewerage System.  After a very long struggle with the old system (just 6 years old :(  but a disaster) we finally called it quits and decided to replace the old system.

Having postponed the job a couple of times due to rain, yesterday was the day and guess what?  Yes, it rained!

Still at 7.30am the guys arrived and began.  What a great crew we had on site!  Scott, the plumber; Craig the excavator driver and Trent our flirty electrician.

Out with the old.
 A huge excavator arrived and began smashing up the old tank, after it had been sucked dry by the super-sucker.  Then after a new tank arrived on an even bigger truck, it was lifted into the hole. Weighing 7.3 tons, it was fascinating watching them manouver it into position with ease and grace.
 With the rain, doing any electrical work was a bit difficult, so a big beach umbrella solved the problem. Trent, was such fun - flirting with Mom, Elizabeth and me all day - he had a million dollar smile and lots of lovely stories and jokes to share.  It was so much fun watching a 'shitty' job that was miserable enough in the rain turn into a great day.
So thank you guys all of you for making it so easy.

Now why did I post this photo of Elizabeth and I at the top of the post.  Well we were clearing the drive of all the mud from the excavator at the end of the day, when she said the mud looked fun and squishy. So I picked up a handful and gave it to her. She couldn't believe I had handed her a whole handful of mud and pretended to throw it at me.  Without thinking I picked up another pile and threw it back, getting her fair-square.  We ended up in a mud fight. I had mud on my arms and my face as did she.  We were laughing so hard.  Of course, we had to then rinse off under the hose and that resulted in a water fight.  The photo is the two of us drowned rats, still laughing. Behind us is our beautiful mud garden - oh well grass grows and in a month or so, it should all be fixed - especially if it keeps raining!!!!!!

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