Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday morning

Energy - what is it and where does it come from and more importantly where does it go to?

I never seem to have enough of it and yet when I look at what I achieve in a day - I realise that I have a big bucket hidden inside my 'little body.'

I think that energy is 80% determination - determination to achieve something and not giving yourself a choice but to do it.

My Dad found a book that he gave me, it is for 'Busy Women' - Elizabeth is reading it at the moment, but she found something in it that she shared. For perfectionists - achieving 80% in a day is acceptable. It has helped me so much in my perception of my day. I used to always think that I had not achieved my goals for a day, now I am able to set a high target and then when I tick off 80% I realise that this is an "A" and is quite acceptable.

So 'energy' what is it?  For me it is just getting as much as I can done and then doing that little bit more. At times I choose to just shut down & recharge - a 20 minute 'Nana Nap' midday is always a good choice, but otherwise it is just to keep going.


darlin said...

I used to be so busy all the time, my perfectionism wouldn't allow me to even sit through a movie... that's how bad I was. Today I attempt to find balance and not give all of my energies away like I once did. I NEED my energy for my studies and that takes tons of energy as you are well aware of.

That's awesome that you take your mini naps to recharge, you know how to look after yourself just fine! I on the other hand think that our days should be extended by at least 4 or 5 hours! lol


Michelle said...

I think energy comes from pampering and nurturing Self ... something we forget to do on a regular basis because we are always doing so much for others. :)