Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writing Again

1251 words of 'The Creators - Book 3'

I was told this afternoon that it is time for me to begin writing again because that is what I am - a Writer!

And it hit me that this is what I am. And to be a writer I need to write. I will never have the time to just sit and write. There will always be ironing, cleaning, cooking, shopping, studying, teaching, loving and everything else in my way. So if I want to be a writer, I am going to have to make the time to write.

As I sit and write this blog post my beautiful daughter Sarah is sitting at the piano playing her own compositions and it is inspiring - Just an aside.

Writing is my own inspiration. I love the feeling as the words begin to flow. I did not know how or where to pick up the words of chapter two - book three. It has been weeks since I last wrote and I felt as though I had lost the flow of the whole thing; yet within moments the characters were alive again and the story came to life.

So following the advice of my fellow writer Michelle, I am writing again. I am hoping/planning/wishing/hoping to try and write a chapter each day. Wish me luck!

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darlin said...

A chapter a day, wow now that's some serious writing. All the best to you with this Beverly, I know how it feels to be away from writing and I miss it when I don't write even a bit here and there.