Sunday, February 27, 2011

The power of the decision

I have discovered that when I make a decision, I make things happen.

On Friday my Dad came up to discuss our future renovations - we are planning a few. One of them is put a door between the 'entrance hall & lounge', and the family room. Many nights Ivan & I look forward to sitting chatting with a glass of wine and some music and the children are watching TV in the family room - no peace or privacy.

Our discussions centred on getting a new door & building a frame - we decided to drive to the local door supplier & before Dad knew what hit him, I had purchased a bi-fold door, frame etc. So we began.

Matthew holding one of my new doors. It has a rose on it to match my front door.

The Before shot

The inbetween shot - This looks a mess with the header piece & half the wallpaper gone. What have I done?

Getting it off

The after shots

A clear wall that now needs painting

Today I took the project to a new height - when we moved into our house just over 6 years ago, I vowed to replace the wallpaper (I am a paint girl, not a wallpaper one). Although it was striking there was just too much of it.

I had no idea how to remove the wallpaper and the first wall took me hours, until I thought about wetting it down with water first, it then peeled off as easy as anything; and I was able to wash the glue off most of the walls.

It has brightened up my whole entrance hall - now just need to tackle the rest of the house. One room & wall at a time.

Tomorrw Dad and I will work on erecting the rest of the frame and hopefully hanging the doors. How exciting these changes are.


darlin said...

Good for you Beverly, if I can do renos I know you can too! It's a lot of work but the end results are worth the effort. I'm looking forward to the after shots!

Have a great day!

Beverly said...

Thanks Darlene, you have certainly inspired me with all your lovely work.

Mom said...

You father says you are mad!. Poor him, especially the last line about doing the frame and hanging the doors TODAY. !!!
Knowing him and you it probably is possible, however how do you fit in sanding the doors, staining the doors, varnishing the doors before hanging them , I think that is a few days work, but knowing you, you will get Dad to hang them straight away so Ivan can see it when he comes home on Wednesday, then the doors can come off again.

darlin said...

Thanks Beverly.

Hi Mom! lol I might be wrong but those doors look prefinished to me, Beverly are they?

Have a great day ladies! Back to this darn paper which is due on the morning, it might be a late night if I don't get on it, I still have 6 pgs to go! lol