Friday, February 18, 2011

Universal rides

At the top of the drop - cool kid Matthew

Ivan & I got to ride together - It was still scary

First Mummy ride

Cool Dudes after a couple of turns
Universal Studios was really interesting, especially the Studio Tour. There weren't many rides and Sarah with her fear of rollercoasters didn't really benefit from it all. I was determined to at least do the Jurassic Park ride. After having been so sick with food poisoning in Disneyland I was a bit wary of doing rollercoasters, but gave it a go - it was great fun, really lovely until the final drop. Which just scared the life out of me.

Matt persuaded Ivan to do the Mummy Ride with him, there first ride was terrifying - the photo above, was staged by them both, but Matt reckons that is how they looked. Even he commented it was scary - so it is one I chose not to do. Of course a few rides were needed - Ivan bravely took on the task of going with Matt - great Father/Son bonding :)

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