Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday - day of rest

I guess it was restful - no it wasn't; although I did have a lie-in this morning waking at 9am. 

First up Sarah, Elizabeth, Mum & I went shopping - I printed off the holiday photos and spent some serious money at the Harvey Norman sale. Including buying Matthew a portable air-conditioner for his room. It is the hottest room in the house and as a 17 year old, he is just struggling to sleep.

I then picked up Matthew & Sarah's friends, and spent the afternoon working with Elizabeth. First up she helped me with my Itunes & Ipod & then I helped her with her paperwork and installed her new photo & video editing software. A very productive day.

It is now time to get to sleep - a busy day tomorrow. Just 4 goals on my list: Do my accounts, vacuum house, ironing & tidy up the study.

Hope you all have a fantastic week.


Mom said...

Well done, you just exhaust me. !!!!!
I Had a fun morning today sorting out all my clothes, oh dear why do we have so many. Anyway have managed two bags for charity as and when they can take them again after the floods. I actually wrote a letter of complaint to Millers and asked them to stop making their clothes to such a high quality as they just darn well don't wear out. !!! At least they will have a giggle, good luck today and the rest of the week, and then you can look forward to your University courses.

darlin said...

It sounds like you're making up for time away! Where do you get your spunk and energy from? I'm down a pint, can I borrow one please? lol