Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little notes

Yesterday morning I woke to a lovely note on the kitchen bench.  It was from Ivan. 

Ivan gets up at about 5.30am every morning and lets the dogs out, feeds them and gives them fresh water.  He then gives Hazel (the bird) fresh food and water in her outside cage - ready for when she goes out later in the day. He also brushes Cleo (the Persian cat) and gives her a treat and a drink of water from the tap.  All of this before he even has his own breakfast.

Yesterday he left us a note to tell us what he had done and also to send us all a special message for the day.  It was such a lovely thing to wake up to.

So ..... this morning - we left him a note in return - we all wrote him a message.

And then he left us another note!

This has been a great bit of fun between our family.

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Red said...

Nothing like some fun to provide some genuine pleasure.