Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Yesterday I was booked into hospital for my 3 month PET and CT scan.  Today I was supposed to have treatment number 7 of 12. Today I discovered that there is no active cancer in my body - I am in remission.

Normally, the oncologist would suggest that I have the rest of the 12 treatments, but I told him I had had enough!  I am so tired, my body is so sore and punished from 18 months of surgeries, chemotherapy and just a serious hammering from illness. I wanted to stop! 

So when I spoke to Paul Vasey, my oncologist, this morning, I explained that I no longer wanted to continue the treatment.  I expected him to try to talk me out of my decision and instead he was totally supportive.  His words were "Happy Patient - Happy Doctor"

It is very unlikely that I will ever be cured of cancer, instead I will have times of remission - he explained that once cancer metastasises, it will in all likelihood come back.  The idea is to make the remission periods long and healthy and liveable.

So instead of continuing with the regimen, we are going to take an 8 week break and have another PET scan in 8 weeks.  This will give my body, mind and most importantly Spirit the chance to recover and begin healing.  At that stage we will make some new decisions.  If I am still clear it will be a case of monitoring me regularly. If not, well then we will decide on a new program. 

I am so happy to be able to live again without the 2 week cycle of existing.  I need to take every day and enjoy life.  I have been blessed and I am going to live.

The other amazing 'little' thing is that my hair is growing back.  It has been just less than a month since I shaved it all off and already I have a strong fuzz on my head.  I am a very happy girl today.

I love my Fuzz!

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Red said...

That's great news! I can tell you weren't expecting it so the news is better than ever.