Monday, March 3, 2014

Freedom and responsibility

Saturday 22nd February:  Matt bought a car. 

Signing yourself into debt and into freedom!
 Matthew has never really wanted to learn to drive and gain his independence - a real 'home-body' - he has always been happy to catch a lift from us or just stay at home. But ... at nearly 20 he has saved enough money for a deposit and chosen a beautiful new car.

 Matt's car was all ready to be picked up with a great number plate - "Number One Tease" - it is so appropriate.  It is a Hyundai Accent and he is so proud of it. 
 With lots of hard work and research, Matt and I did a number of test drives and to finally share this moment with him - was just special.

 Elizabeth was certainly celebrating - as she would no longer have to be Matt's chauffer! 
Now we all just have to stay off the roads when Matt takes his new car out for a drive.

Well done Matthew - Dad and I are very proud of you.  Be safe and drive carefully and enjoy your freedom.


darlin said...

Congratulations Matthew, a nice car and once you get used to driving, and the freedom which comes along with it, you're going to wonder why you didn't do this sooner! Enjoy your beautiful new car!

Beverly you have amazing children, they take after their equally as amazing parents!

Red said...

A great step for everybody!