Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another family member

Today we fulfilled Sarah's dream - to finally get another dog.

Now we already own 2 dogs - Abby and Bella; 3 cats - Cleo, Greyson & Mae and a bird - Hazel.

But ever since we had to put little Max to sleep last year - Sarah has wanted and asked for another puppy. 

After getting my good news last week and finally making the decision to take Sarah out of school (she is home schooling) - it seemed the perfect time.

So Little Molly joined our family.  She is a Maltese x Poodle and is just 8 weeks old.

Little Miss Molly

The smile says it all

Introducing Molly to Abby and Bella

I think I will sit next to my Mommy

Abby looks so fierce, but is such a gentle dog and a real mother - she took to Molly straight away

The big and the small of it all
Sarah my love, I hope Molly fills that space in your heart that is missing.  Take good care of her my Angel and she will love you forever.

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