Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Birthday and Congratulations

Yesterday Matthew passed his driver's licence.  It has been a big couple of celebratory days for him.

It was wonderful to see him arrive back from his test and have passed - the tester even wrote on his test sheet - "Good Drive" - so two qualified driver's in the house now - and only Sarah to go.

Matthew's new car with its "P" plate -  Provisional Driver for 2 years.

A very happy boy.
And today it was his 20th birthday. It is wonderful to celebrate his birthday with him - he has brought our family so much joy - I am so proud of you Matthew.

Matt had work today and when we dropped by the Newsagency where he works  - Granny and Grandad sang Happy Birthday to him in front of the whole shop.

After work - we celebrated with a cake and some presents.

Blowing out your candles

Thanks Granny & Grandad for framing my picture

A GPS for your new car - so that you will never be lost and will always find your way home.

Presents for the birthday boy - let's hope those lottery tickets win that $20 million

The kids!

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Red said...

Happy birthday Matthew!it looks like you had a very good day.