Friday, September 27, 2013


Today was a very sad day in our life.  We had to put our little dog Max down.  He has been suffering for months with a dislocated knee in his left leg and over the past week or so, his right leg has popped out. Because of his breed and size this has turned out to be a serious and although fixable problem - not without severe risks, and the end result of arthritis.

So after a discussion with our vet and heavy hearts, we made the decision to send Max to Doggy Heaven today.  I will not let a dog suffer and even if we had operated he would have spent at least the next 35 weeks in plaster and recovery, confined to a small pen.

So with many tears, we took a couple of last photos and wished Max - farewell.

Sarah having her last hug
 Maxie, you will be missed by Granny and Grandad - especially for your little growl - when you wanted attention. They will miss you sitting on their laps each evening.
So little Gremlin, we will see  you one day and we know you will be pain-free and peaceful in the meantime.




Mom said...

Tears in my eyes and a very heavy heart, but he will be pain free from now on. The saying goes - one has to be cruel to be kind - the whole family was kind to not let this little "Rat Bag" as I called him suffer anymore. We will all miss him especially Bella.

Red said...

My sympathies to you . These little guys do much more for us than we realize. You made the right decision even though it was tough.

darlin said...

Aw so sorry to hear this Beverly, what a difficult thing to have to do but to help Max be free from pain I believe you made a wise choice... as hard as it is.

Huge hugs sent out to each of you tonight, lots of love as well.

Rest in Peace Max.