Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Something new to learn about.

Today I received some very interesting and relieving news.  I was so excited to be diagnosed with a medical disorder.  That sounds very weird I know, but it provides some answers to issues that have unresolved for years.

Suffering from illness, anxiety, depression and stress has been a part of my life for most of my life.  I have always (mostly) coped; but struggling with two teenagers and a young adult - who suffer from the same things for apparently no reasons has been such a difficult situation.  We have gone down the road of therapy, medication etc. etc.  And nothing has really helped any of us.

So today I received the amazing news that I (and the family) suffer from Pyroluria. 

Pyroluria is a familial disorder which occurs with stress, where an above-average amount of a substance consisting of "kryptopyrroles" circulate in the body.  The substance is harmless in itself, but high levels of these pyrrolles systemically bind with B6 and zinc, preventing the use of these essential nutrients in the brain and body.
The urine test showed that I have 3x the normal range of these pyrrolles in my urine.
Amazingly, all that I have read and researched indicates that we can all return to 'normal' living with appropriate doses of B6 and zinc.  It is incredible and Sarah (15) burst into tears with the words "Mom, you mean that I am not making it all up.  I feel so sick all the time and I always thought I was making it up, because they couldn't find a reason and no-one believed me." 
My heart broke for her, but it is with relief that we all face a healthier and happier future.  A new healthier diet, nutritional supplements for the rest of our lives, but more than likely no more depression, bi-polar 2 disorder or severe anxiety and stress. 
Thank you to my amazing doctor, who cared enough for us to look beyond her traditional medical training for answers. 

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