Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where did August Go?

It is so strange to think that today is the first day of September, first day of Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere) and Father's Day - here in Australia.

August disappeared before I could even take notice of it and now I find myself already in September. So what did I do in August. 

Well, first of all I attended a heap of appointments. Many of those that I had put off during my six months of chemotherapy, including get a new crown put on my tooth, see my optometrist and completing our tax return and tightening up banking accounts. 

As well as all of this, I also enjoyed getting back into the swing of university.  My Jane Austen course has been wonderful - my lecturer Lesa Scholl is amazing and I have loved the class participation.  My first assignment was on Evelina - a pre-Austen novel written by Frances Burney.  It was fascinating and I loved doing the 750 word close-reading assignment.  Let's hope it scores as well in the marking department. 

My other course is Screenplay writing - now this is a challenge. We have had 2 assignments so far and are preparing to write the first 15 pages of a feature film.  Mine is a thriller and when I presented it to the class for feedback - they all loved it. Again great lectures and tutorials.

We celebrated Dad's 75th birthday on August 1st - congratulations Dad!
We also welcomed a little addition to our family - Sarah's new kitten - Miss Mae.

Brian Weatherburn - 75 years old

Welcoming Miss Mae to our family.


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