Sunday, September 1, 2013

August continued ...

It was another busy month in our household.
With the addition of little Miss Mae - our new kitten and also the fact that Cleo and Greyson are both indoor cats (our Australian Wildlife is to precious to allow cats outside) - we (Elizabeth & I) decided to build an outdoor cattery. 

With a lot of investigation - we found a great company call Cat nets. We bought the netting and with my Dad's incredible help built a wooden frame and nailed up the netting - creating an amazing outdoor safe area 7m x 3m. 

Almost invisible from the road, but completely secure - the cats are safe to exercise.  The wonderful side effect is that we are all enjoyable some lovely outdoor time, just relaxing with our pets. 

Greyson and Miss Mae have become great friends, but we have discovered that our Cleo is completely an indoor cat and hates being outside.  She just sits and cries all the time she is outside, so we are not stressing her - just allowing her to remain and watch from the inside.
So this is how we spent August.

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