Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Blog is looking sad

The lack of posts has given my blog a really neglected and sad look and today I am going to once more post a difficult post.

Yesterday, I had my check-up PET and CT scan - the news is both good and bad. Good that the cysts on the liver and pancreas are in the words of my oncologist "just a red herring".  The bad news is that there is a very large (9.5cm x 5.1cm) malignant tumour on my right ovary.

So today I seeing a specialist who will operate as soon as possible.  I am not sure at this stage if I will need further chemotherapy, or what else they will find, but it is just another journey of wait and see.

Despite all this negative news, I do have some positive.

Elizabeth is almost finished her Honours thesis (15 000 words) of inspirational research and writing on the 'beauty of the fairy tale heroine" - so proud of her.

I have also managed to write my screenplay for my Creative writing course - it is a suspense thriller and I am really excited about it. 

I haven't managed to begin work on my Jane Austen assignment, but am applying for an extension. It is due November 5th, so hoping that I will get some time.

So with the health update and life update, I once again sign off.

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Red said...

I wish you all the best in the health challenge. You seem to keep a very upbeat attitude.
It's great to hear about your daughter's thesis and your screen play.