Thursday, October 31, 2013

General News

First of all the medical update:

Healing is fantastic - tummy feels quite normal.  Yesterday had colonoscopy and gascoscopy - both showed nothing abnormal - great news. Am seeing gastroenterologist today to check up on biopsies and have a general discussion about tummy health.. So hopefully will get some answers.

Next bit of exciting news is that my book cover proof has arrived for my second novel.

I love it - it has the same theme as book one - with just a few dramatic changes.
So hoping it looks good on a shelf together.

Working on the final proof copy - allowed 25 changes to mistakes - found a couple. So frustrating, as I have edited and re-edited this book hundreds of times.  Sending it off to the publisher by the end of the week.

Other news is that I am hoping to take a week away with the family to head to Disneyland before I begin my chemotherapy treatment.  It is a chaotic and crazy idea as we will need to organise it all to leave on November 18th and return on November 25th.  But...... if I can pull it off, I think it will be the best medicine in the world ....... a chance to recharge batteries and energy levels and just have a fantastic time.  Was supposed to go in January for my 50th birthday, but who cares when I begin celebrating.

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Mom said...


Am so glad you are all going, it is going to uplift your spirits to tackle the next 6 months. We are thrilled for you.