Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home and recovering

It is good to be home from hospital and recovering from my surgery.  I was very lucky that my surgeon was able to perform the surgery laproscopically and all I have is 5 small cuts. 

The results however, are not quite as good.  He found a large Metastatic Colon Cancer tumour. It is good in that it wasn't a new form of cancer (ovarian), but not good in that it was part of the original colon cancer that survived the chemotherapy and grew very quickly. 

So now, I need to heal from the surgery and see my oncologist on Monday.  I must admit I hate the fact that I have a 'my oncologist' - who wants one of those?  Still, he is very good and I know that he will look after me. 

I am dreading facing chemotherapy again. I was never sick from my cancer, but really sick from my chemotherapy and this is a path I don't want to walk down again.

I am also finding that my head is struggling with the idea that I have now had two bouts of cancer in just 12 months and the journey ahead is going to be challenging.

So here is the medical update:  Time for me to retire to bed for a little rest and then I will be up and ready to go again soon.

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Red said...

Chemo therapy is what it is...horrible. All we can do is wish that it does the trick and isn't as bad as last time.