Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day Five and recovering

I love modern medicine and surgery techniques.  Just five days out and I have the waterproof dressings off from my tummy.  Small little steri-strips hold my cuts together and I am up and about.  A little swollen and tender but feeling so good.

I have had a good week, been sensible resting and taking it easy.  Have been up every day for an hour or so, but mostly have rested in bed, watching TV and reading  -  aah the life of the patient.

Yesterday I had exciting news: The cover and text of my second book arrived. It is everything I hoped for and in fact even more.  It is seriously beautiful and enhances and follows the theme of the first cover.  So the next day or so, will see me working on the final read through - yes, there are still corrections - wow - how can I have missed some simple things - even after all these read-throughs. Then it is off to the printer. Yippeeeeee!!

Monday I will be seeing Dr Vasey, my oncologist for a long discussion.  I have a long list of questions, including alternative therapies, options etc. And, of course, a prognosis for the future - two cancers in one year is more than acceptable.

The weeks ahead are going to be challenging, but I feel a little more optimistic that I can deal with it all. 

Am planning to spend November writing another 50 000 words on my 4th novel, completing my Jane Austen assignment (yuck) and preparing for Christmas.  Life is wonderful, I am alive, loved and relatively healthy.  So let's live.


Red said...

All the best in your recovery. Keep at it . never give up.

Beverly said...

I won't Red, Thank you for your wonderful support and positive comments.