Friday, October 18, 2013

A new poem

My Vow 


I am scared today, as I face the challenges ahead

I knew something was wrong, I could feel it in my head

I wanted to ignore it, but it kept knocking at my door

I really am so scared, I feel so unsure.


They told me to take the pills, to sit and endure the drip

They trapped in the chair, in chemotherapy’s grip

Then they said it was all over, I was clear to move right on

To live my life and enjoy my health, but they were all so wrong


It’s time to start the battle and begin again

I can endure the surgery, I can endure the pain

It is the draining journey, of the toxic lethal dose

It is the weeks and months ahead that I fear the most.


So as I sit here waiting for my body to tell my why

I hold my head in my hands and find that I sigh

I don’t know why I’m chosen to bear this burden now

But, I guess that I’ll recover and that is my vow.


To fight the fight of Cancer . . .  and not give in

I’ll hold my head up high and I’ll bring back my grin

I don’t believe in Can’tser – I believe in Can and Do

So watch out tumours here I come – it’s time to have your due!


Beverly Adair – October 2013


Red said...

Writing is great therapy! You've expressed yourself well. All the best to you in this struggle.

Davine said...

Your poem has bought me to tears. Beverley may you come thru your next challenge with flying colours. luv Davine xxx