Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow what a look!

Short and Sassy

You are gorgeous girl!
I love this beautiful daughter of mine - She came alive when her hair was done, stood taller and just glowed.


Granny said...

We are so proud to be her grandparents, you look stunning Elizabeth.
Defintely an Adair that's for sure.

darlin said...

Wow, stunning for sure! Elizabeth is beautiful. I love this look, it's as the name suggests, short and sassy! lol

Beverly thank you for the comments on my writing, that was a very quick thrown together paper but it sure got a lot of responses. There are some topics which evoke that type of a response and if I ever read something of this nature I'd be commenting as well! lol I'm going to focus on choices for my paper, thank you ever so much for inspiring my topic, choices and the importance of quantitative research. How these two are going to tie together, well I'm working on that aspect, I have 8 pgs to get it all into, plenty of room! lol Thanks again.

Have a wonderful day!