Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Update

My rather dramatic post about the loss of my ring, was an outpouring of the despair and grief that I have felt at its loss. And yes, it is still lost.

It has been a strange experience, to feel so devastated over a material possesion is something strange and new to me. I have always worked on dealing with breakages and losses in a positive and sensible manner. There are few possessions that I hold so dear, rather they are memories and experiences and people that enrich my life.

But, my ring was the symbol of the success, joy, love and longevity of my marriage. My beautiful husband Ivan, is and has been the love of my life for over 22 years. He came into my life at a time, when I no longer believed in myself and through him I have grown into a person I like and am proud of. He is my anchor, my shield and my partner.

So thank goodness it is not losing him, but just the ring.

Four days after my initial realisation, I still can't find it, so am thinking that for now it has gone to another place. Is there a lesson for me to learn from all of this, I think there is. To be grateful for all the wonderful things that I have and most importantly to recognise the amazing love that surrounds me.


Mom said...

Shame sweetheart, I know you are devastated, but as you say Ivan is the real ring that binds you both together, as Debra said, one day it will turn up when you least expect it

Michelle said...

You are sounding a little more philosophical, Beverly ... I'm sorry your ring is still hidden from view. :(

darlin said...

Beverly, I am also sorry for your loss, but you never know one day it might show up... on the other hand it may not. But I think that you do have what you NEED, a wonderful husband and beautiful children, an awesome mother and other fantastic family. That's the circle which holds the love, sharing, compassion, hope, faith, gratitude, joy... and the list goes on.

Two days ago as I was driving someone had posted a poster at an intersection, it said "Lost Wedding Ring, Reward Offered" and there was a phone number. I thought of you and couldn't help but smile. I even took a photo of the sign but didn't post it, I don't feel that sign was meant to be posted here on my blog... it just didn't feel right. It's sad enough for you to have lost your ring but I didn't want to add salt to your wound.

Thank you for sharing something which means so much to you.

Enjoy your day my friend!

Julie said...

So, I think you were there in Utah when the jeweller at South Town stole the diamonds out of my ring weren't you? This whole episode with your ring is really making me remember the absolute rage I felt about him switching our my tiny little diamonds for Cubic zirconia and the way that I put the "stupid ring" in the drawer for a year ... all because all I wanted was the ring that my husband put on my finger on my wedding day.

So... I didn't just write all this to make you feel worse. I wanted to tell you that now the replacemtn ring that is on my finger IS my wedding ring ..even though it's not really...the trick is, if you replace it, to do so with something else that means a lot to you - not just a bigger better faster diamond because you can afford more now..if you get a new one, it will come already pre filled with all the love and history and memories and accomplishments that already bind you guys together. Hard to believe right now in your shoes I know...but that's how it worked for us..oh, and we're STILL 3 years ahead of you guys in the marriage lottery... :)