Monday, March 14, 2011


First of all thank you all for your lovely supportive comments about the loss of my wedding ring. Yes, it is unfortunately still lost!

I have accepted that I am not going to find it in the short term, if ever; so need to let it go and move on. I still feel a sense of sadness that something I have treasured for so long has gone missing, but I still have so much to be thankful for.

The first and most important thing is my husband. Twenty-two years ago tomorrow, Ivan and I exchanged wedding vows and became husband and wife.
It was a moment in my life that has brought me more JOY than anyone deserves. I am more in love with this amazing man, than I was 22 years ago and each day that we wake up together, I thank God for him.

Whatever, replaces my wedding ring is going to be a symbol of both our past and the new future that we have together. I have this wonderful feeling that we are on the verge of a new beginning. so many changes are on the horizon, children growing up, my studies, our lives together. So as I faced life 22 years ago as a very young bride, I can now face life as a 'mature-age' woman still in love with an amazing man.

This is Me, wearing my wedding ring, and ruby/diamond ring - that I still have!
15th March, 1989


Mom said...

We remember this wonderful day that you and Ivan were married, you are still as beautiful as you were then, never loose your love, your faith, your smile. Love Mom & Dad

darlin said...

Beverly, congratulations! A very happy anniversary to you and your husband! Here's a thought, why don't the two of you renew your vows? That would make one heck of an awesome way to celebrate your anniversary and a new ring to further symbolize your love and commitment to one another. :-)

Michelle said...

Gosh! You are both So Young!!! What a lovely post, Beverly. It's been an amazing 22 years which does suggest that the next 22 will be equally as wonderful. Congratulations!