Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrating a birthday

As you will have seen on my previous post we celebrated Sarah's 13th birthday yesterday.
In the morning we had a cooked breakfast.

With her gifts this year we had a surprise for her, tickets to the theatre production of 'WICKED' - I had bought the tickets back in November and kept is a secret all this time. She was thrilled, so we all dressed up and headed out for an afternoon show - which was amazing.

Tickets for Wicked!

 It is the first time we have all been to the theatre together and I had managed to get great seats. Elizabeth and I had seen the show in London, but we both thought that this production was in many ways better. Especially the voice of the 'Wicked Witch'.

We then went and had a lovely dinner together finishing off a special birthday.


Julie said...

Woohoo...looks like a great time! Happy Birthday Sarah!

darlin said...

How awesome! I love the look on Sarah's face, now that's priceless!

Michelle said...

Fabulous photo, Beverly! Captures everything!