Monday, March 28, 2011

Door is up

Nearly finished!
Does it fit?

It closes and now we can fill in the top

Stop taking photos and hand me the hammer :)

Looking good.

The door is up and working. Dad and I have framed the top and sometime this week, will go out and get the matching cornice. Today we are doing the face frame/architrave around the door and very soon it will all be done.

My Dad is so clever and amazing, he has never done something like this, but with ingenuity and intelligence he has put the whole thing up. It has been such a wonderful experience, to share in his knowledge and help him.
Thanks Dad.


darlin said...

Wow! Amazing job for sure. This looks beautiful, I sure could use your Dad for a month or so! lol

Beverly said...

Everyone says the same thing. He is special.