Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A new blog to follow

My wonderful friend Julie (from Canada - who I met in Australia and knew in Salt Lake City) has started a Blog.

It is called International Departures and if you want to read something completely different, inspirational and interesting I highly recommend you add her to your Blog list.

Julie and her lovely husband Chelvan are part of the international mining community (which we belong to). We met in Melbourne nearly 13 years ago when Chelvan joined Ivan working for Rio Tinto - we developed a wonderful friendship and when they left for the USA - Salt Lake City we were invited to join them on secondment.

It was the most amazing 3 years - together Julie and I had so much fun. She taught me to be independent, to embrace confidence and to live life to the full. 

Julie is an incredible human being, who I am honoured to call a friend.

Her recent sojourn has taken her to Outer Mongolia and with her new Blog I know she will share some amazing photographs, experiences and writings. 

Julie, so glad you are blogging, can't wait to read the posts.



Dorothy said...

I am most certainly in the queue to read Julie's blog, she is an amazing person

Julie said...

Thanks Bev - the feeling is mutual. And now that I am a blogger myself I have figured out that I can follow you too. Looking forward to instnat updates instead of just checking in every week or so.

darlin said...

I'll be over to check out Julie's blog when I get through this heap of reading and writing I'm going through right now... it's always wonderful to hear of others adventures in or of life.