Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome Bella Adair

For as long as we can remember Sarah has asked for a lap dog, when we got Abby (our lovely Border Collie x Labrodor) we thought she would be smaller, and when she grew Sarah was so dissapointed.
After years (almost six) we finally gave in and agreed that Sarah could get a cat, as this became her compromise. Today however, after much thought and discussion and then one of our usual 'rushed' decisions. We bought her this puppy.
Bella is a Cavalier King Charles x Maltese Poodle and was born on May 5th, 2010. She has already melted everyones heart and Abby our 6 year old dog, has taken really well to her. Abby is a little stunned about who and what this white fluffball is, but is coping wonderfully.
Now the hardwork and training starts for Sarah and me, but hopefully this will bring the joy to Sarah's heart that she desires.


Treasure Queen said...

Wow... how fabulous... and the smiles say it all! Brilliant decision... Sarah you are soooo lucky... enjoy.

Michelle said...

What a cutie! And what a lovely new member to join the family.