Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bath-time Bella

Our little Bella has been unwell for the past couple of days with an upset tummy - at first we thought it was just a 'new puppy' thing, but she has deteriorated. Today I got some medicine from the vet and then we decided to wash her as she smelt really bad from all the diarrhoea.

Of course she looked like a little drowned rat and then proceeded to shiver for the next 2 hours. We dried her with the hair-dryer and wrapped her up warm in a towel with a heated beanbag, but only after Matthew sat with her in his warm hands did she warm up.

Tonight we have had her back to the vet (her weight has dropped from 1.6kg to 1.35kg in just 24 hours), after a day of no eating or drinking and sleeping all day. A second course of medicine (she has a bacterial infection in her gut), some special food and she is so much better. She has even managed a couple of games with us all on the floor, before collapsing on Ivan's lap for some TV time and a sleep.

It is worse than having a newborn, I have been rather worried about her all day. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight and be back to growing strong and healthy tomorrow.


Treasure Queen said...

Poor Bella... get well soon!

Michelle said...

Beverly, these photos are not good first thing in the morning! I, too, feel all worried and distressed for your 'baby'. I trust she is much better today!