Friday, July 2, 2010

Creative Day

Sarah and I had a wonderful afternoon 'Making Cards'. My beautiful friend Michelle had given me two card-making sets for my 45th birthday - 18 mths ago! I have been so busy over the last 18 mths with university, family and life that the creative side of my life has been put on hold.
Now that I am on holiday and enjoying a Challenge Week - set by Michelle - I set myself two goals: The first to de-clutter every day and the second to do something creative and rewarding. Today I loved it, I enjoyed every moment of the card-making process and also the time I got to spend with Sarah and later on with my Mom when she joined us.
I ended up making 9 cards in total, will share some of the photos of them in a day or so when I get some light to take some good pics.
This evening the creative juices continued to flow as I managed to complete another 11 pages of digital scrapbooking.
I do love holidays.

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darlin said...

Fantastic way to spend some time with your beautiful daughter! It's so good to see your doing things which sound to me like they make your heart dance... all work and no play makes us age to quickly in my opinion. Stay young and continue to have fun! As the kids these days say, "You rock!" :-)

Have an awesome weekend!