Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Uni Grading scale

For my Canadian friend Darlene

Grades are from 1-7 (a very strange system)

Grade 1-3 are fails
Grade 4 - Pass - 50-64%
Grade 5 - Credit 65-74%
Grade 6 - Distinction - 75-84%
Grade 7 - High Distinction - 85-100%

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. We are both thrilled with our results.

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darlin said...

Wow, I love your grading system much better then ours. Here's ours for college, not too sure if University is the same but I'm guessing so.

A+ 4.0 GPA the mark has to be 99-100%
(GPA- grade point average)
A 4.0 95-98%
A- 3.7 90-94%
B+ 3.3 85-89
B 3.0 80-84%
B- 2.7 75-79%
C+ 2.3 70-74%
C 2.0 65-69%
C- 1.7 60-64%
D+ 1.3 55-59%
D 1 50-54%

What they do is take the total GPA of all classes and average it out to obtain your overall GPA. My final GPA was sitting at 3.4 without one class added in which would most likely bring it up at least a point to a 3.5 so in your marking system I would also be at 7. As I mentioned I like your grading system much better! :-) The 4.0 is very hard to get here, you have to have ALL of your marks sitting at 95 or better.

Thanks for the information Beverly, I love learning how the education system works in different places, it helps me put my grades into a different perspective.

You and your daughter did amazing! That's so cool!