Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New hobby

I have been tempted to make cards for years, but with all the other things that I do, I have resisted for as long as possible.
Finally, I have succumbed, these are three that I made tonight as part of our 'Creative Challenge' week.


darlin said...

Wonderful hobby Beverly, I've also been wanting to try my hand at card making but like you... no time!

I really like the colors you chose for your cards, a job well done!

Beverly said...

Thanks Darlene,
My friend Michelle is a Stampin Up demonstrator and this is one of their kits - so easy to follow and all the cards, colours etc provided. I am very creative when following other people's ideas :)

darlin said...

I went to a Stampin Up party once and spent a fair amount of money for items which are packed away for a rainy day, problem is that in my world today there isn't many rainy days! :-) I love their products and ideas, they are a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.