Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love reading..but???

I totally love reading and have been known to read 3-4 books in a single week (usually when Ivan is away and I can read to all hours of the night).

But - I am overwhelmed at the moment and it is going to be a challenge!

For English Classics alone (let alone Poetry and Religion) I have to read:

Chaucer - "The Miller's Prologue and Tale" from The Canterbury Tales
Shakespeare - King Lear
Jonathan Swift - Gulliver's Travels, Part 4
Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice
James Joyce - "The Dead"
Robert Browning "My last Duchess"
T.S. Elliot - Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock
Poems by Phillip Larkin
Jean Rhys - Wide Sargasso Sea (finished)
Toni Morrison - Beloved (finished)
Salman Rushdie "The Prophet's Hair" & "English is an Indian Literary Language"

Plus 14 Chapters of Literary Criticism Theory.

It is huge and overwhelming and this is just one course.

I have hired a DVD of King Lear, hired the audio book of Beowulf and am contemplating attaching a copy of something to a wire frame to dangle in front of my glasses so I can read as I work through life.

It is going to be wonderful.
My family is not going to have any clean clothes, cooked meals (takeaway is on order), a clean house or a sane mother, but boy oh boy, I am going to thrive and succeed and have fun doing it.

Today was my first English lecture and I went straight to the library afterward and wrote up my notes as I waited for Elizabeth to finish her lecture. So I am ahead of the game. Hopefully, I can stay that way, so send me good eyes, a sponge for a brain and lots of hours in the day.

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Michelle said...

Wow! Great you feel so Inspired, Beverly, because that is a huge list of reading matter! David and i still quote good ol' "J. Alfred" all these years since High School.

Won't expect much communication over the next semester ... LOL.