Thursday, July 23, 2009

Early morning Yuckies!

Our family does not do mornings well, especially school mornings. I have found that despite fairly early nights, it is a struggle to get children out of bed and motivated. Saturdays and Sundays are days they lie-in and this is often until after 9am. (Matthew after 11am if he was allowed - but then he is a teenage boy!)

I am an early morning person, although do love my lie-ins. Once I am up then it is okay, I can motivate myself to get going quite easily, but the initial moment when lying in bed thinking about the day, I often wish I could just cancel everything and stay in bed.

Winter is especially hard as it is darker until later, although by 6.45am the sky is light and clear, no direct sunshine yet, but certainly bright. Summer is easier with daylight around 4am.

One thing that has helped is me getting a nice breakfast of fresh fruit and a glass of juice set up for each of them at our lovely new bar. This keeps them out of my kitchen and I can work at the school lunches. Roll on school holidays, only another 8 weeks to go!

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Michelle said...

I am so envious that it's "light" out at 6.45am! We still have dark skies at 7am although the birds are up well before that. Hmm. I might pop up to your place for breakfast, too - sounds wonderful!