Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Again!

I am back!!!

After an amazing 19 days away, I am home, but totally jet lagged. We had a 42 hour travel time home, sleeping around 6 hours during those 42 and our body clocks have not adjusted. Ivan and I were asleep by 6.30pm last night and awake from 2.30am - Yuck! So am doing quite well tonight, with it already 7.00pm and I am still awake - well sort of???

Elizabeth and I had an amazing 19 days, (lots of photos to follow - need some editing). We flew from Brisbane to LA, then straight onto New York arriving around 5.30pm the same day we left. We then walked around the city until about 11pm, collapsing into bed exhausted. A full day followed with 2 exciting Hop on/Hop off Bus tours, more New York shopping and another really late night. Day 2 saw us on another bus trip and even more shopping, the credit card was beginning to moan in despair.

Day 3 we picked up the car and I negotiated the streets of Manhattan and the Lincoln Tunnel to get out of New York. I then drove to Washington D.C. We stayed in Georgetown, and explored D.C. for just one day fitting in as much as we could including all the Memorials, White House, Arlington cemetery etc, etc. Plus another bus tour. Then in the afternoon (Sunday I think) I drove to York, Pennsylvania. Monday (Day 5) Elizabeth and I explored Gettysburg - what an amazing tour, so interesting, especially to Elizabeth who loves History in all its forms.

Day 6 saw me driving from York, PA all through eastern Pennsylvania up to Stamford in Connecticut, a total of 630 miles in just 3 days. Quite a journey. We had a quiet day in Stamford and then in was back to JFK, to fly to London and onto Dublin. By now we were operating on adrenaline and will power. Quite an experience. We took lots and lots of photos about 800+ in this first section of the trip.

Next installment to follow hopefully with photos in the next couple of days.

It was however, wonderful to come home on Sunday and see my beautiful younger two children who I missed terribly. Granny and Grandad had looked after them wonderfully and they were looking well and happy, excited to see all the gifts we had brought with us, of course we spoilt them as always.

Now it is back to the daily housework and sorting out. 4 loads of washing later and chores have settled me back into the routine quickly enough. Elizabeth is back to work tomorrow and possibly for the next 4 days, she is quite happy though as she needs some money to pay for her trip expenses.


Ian Weatherburn said...

Wow, busy, busy, busy! Sounds exhausting but exhilirating! Looking forward to seeing some photo's.

darlin said...

Welcome home Beverly! It sure sounds like you had a real go around and tons of fun! Now to take a break (or attempt to) and recuperate from the holiday! I am looking forward to your photos as well... no rush though, take your time and get settled and rested my friend!

Beverly said...

Thank you both, will get to the photos today hopefully, so look out!